BELIZE-CRIME-Toddler among persons killed in an apparent drug deal gone bad.

BELMOPAN -- Police are searching for two suspects they believe were behind the murders of three people, including a three-year-old child on Sunday night and have appealed to the public not to support 'such indiscriminate acts of violence'.

Police said that a family of three and two of their friends were ambushed as they were returning home after gunmen came out of the dark mangrove area and opened fire.

Police believe that the illegal drugs trade was behind the killing in San Pedro in the southern part of the country

Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams told reporters that among those killed is three-year-old Amari Rodrique. The others are Delmar Rodriguez, his common-law wife, and another male person. They were on a golf cart heading home in the San Pedrito area, when they were killed.

Police believe that Rodriguez was targeted when he opted out of a hit, after he and one of the suspects found a wet drop off the coast of the island. When Rodriguez decided he would not take part in the hit, the friend demanded portion of the money that he collected from the sale of his share of the drugs. When he couldn't, he was killed.

'At this time, we're looking for two individuals, that is, Michael Brown and Christian Espat. Those two persons are currently being sought by the police and we are appealing to the public that if they have any information pertinent to their whereabouts, please feel free to call us so that we can go and remove these two dangerous criminals off our streets,' said Williams.

'You would know the name Christian Espat is not new. It has been called on numerous occasions for allegedly committing crimes of this nature. What we have gathered in terms of a motive is that there may have been some drugs found by one of the deceased person. As you...

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